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About Forumsee

Forumsee is a new type of searcher, organized by topics that lets you easily locate and read any any message published in social media, such as forums and blogs.

Unlike other search engines, content is organized into separate domains, making it easy to search and track. Spam and any other type of unrelated content are filtered through collaborative voting by the users.

Browsing through the index is optimized to quickly locate and read a summary of any related content.
The ultimate goal of Forumsee is to provide users a well organized knowledge base filtered for the most common questions and answers on any topic, while facilitating the following of new topics being published every day.

Some of its most important features are:

  • Optimized version for mobile devices
  • Chronological ordering of messages.
  • Presentation of the latest youtube videos.
  • Automatic classification using tags to group related messages.
  • Quick search across related content.
  • Quick navigation across related tags.
  • RSS aggregation.

For any questions or comments, please contact us.

Benefits for aggregated sites

Forumsee is very similar to a search engine, displaying only the title and a short summary of the content in its index. Users are always referred to the original post with a link. Therefore, the presence of a social media in Forumsee increase its visibility, and is a source of both page views and links to its content.

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